Date and City: 22 nd March, 2019

Venue: Marriott Marquis Chicago

10 Industry Experts
6 Speaker Presentations
3 Lightning Talks
3 Networking Breaks
1 Panel Discussion
1 Group Discussion


  • 08:30 AM
Registration and Seating
  • Registration and Seating
  • 09:00 AM
Opening and Welcome Note
  • Opening and Welcome Note
  •   09:15 AM
Data Ownership on the Blockchain: A new Customer Paradigm The Information Age has created a New Economy where data is considered an asset. The Economist issue of May 2017 is a testament to this fact. The value of this asset is best manifested by the increased economic domination of a few tech companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. However, issues related to data privacy and data governance have become highly publicized especially due to the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal. The fallout from this scandal has led to increased scrutiny of how this data can be regulated. Certainly, regulation makes sense to better protect customer data since in effect customers are the direct owners of this asset. But if customers are owners of their data , shouldn’t they also be remunerated by any organization or entity that uses their information particularly for marketing/advertising purposes. What if there was mechanism that allows for true data ownership where customers control the destiny of their data but in a sound environment of strong data governance and privacy regulations? Enter the blockchain. In this session, we explore how the decentralized nature of the blockchain allows each customer(data provider), to have their own network of entities and companies(data requestors). At the same time, the secure nature of the platform with its data encryption protocols establishes a much robust standard for data governance than seen in in the more traditional centralized type of relational database systems. Think of a future where customers now share in the rewards of this new information economy.”
  • RichardBoire,, Senior Vice President, Environics Analytics
  •   10:00 AM
Blockchain and the Law of Securities, AML, Contracts, Financial Instruments and Institutions, Tax, and Litigation The various topics I can cover include: • Blockchain and securities law (“security” definition, secondary market OTC trades, exemptions); • Blockchain and anti-money laundering (Canada’s new draft virtual currency regulations); • Cryptocurrency and financial instruments (promissory notes and bills of exchange); • Cryptocurrency and financial institution regulations (definition of “banking”); • Cryptocurrency contracts (statutory definition of “money”); • Cryptocurrency and tax (CRA guidelines); and • Cryptocurrency and litigation (securities regulatory enforcement and civil litigation).
  • ChetanPhull,, Founder / Blockchain & IT Lawyer, Smartblock Law Professional Corporation
  • 10:45 AM
Tea/Coffee. Networking Break.
  • Tea/Coffee. Networking Break.
  •   11:00 AM
Blockchain and the Ethical Transformation of Global Supply Chains Blockchain and the Ethical Transformation of Global Supply Chains
  • SamuelPeralta,, Chairman & CEO, Incandence
  •   11:45 AM
Initial Coin Offerings: Prevalent Tax and Securities Issues Many Blockchain start-ups seek to raise money from the public to create, develop and market their platforms by selling cryptographic tokens to the public. Regulators and tax authorities have been scrambling to keep pace with this growing market, and as as a result, many believe that the tax and securities rules are either undefined or non-existent. Nothing could be further from the truth! This presentation is intended to give essential information for those who are looking to engage in and structure an ICO so that they are aware of the risks, benefits and best practices before they land themselves in hot water.
  • AaronGrinhaus,, Lawyer / President and Blockchain Strategist, Grinhaus Law Firm / Fintech Venture Advisory Corp
  • 12:30 PM
Lunch. Networking Break.
  • Lunch. Networking Break.
  •   01:15 PM
Improving, extending, and making Ethereum Smart Contract Programming language more efficient Improving, extending, and making Ethereum Smart Contract Programming language more efficient
  • AlexBinesh,, Blockchain Analyst / Genesys PureCloud Technical lead, Axiom Technology Group Canada / Genesys
  • 02:00 PM
Round Table Discussion
  • Round Table Discussion
  • 02:45 PM
Tea/Coffee. Networking Break.
  • Tea/Coffee. Networking Break.
  •   03:00 PM
Blockchain bigger than Bitcoin - a brief walkthrough Blockchain bigger than Bitcoin - a brief walkthrough
  • SumanDas,, CEO, OneNet Blockchain
  •   03:45 PM
Blockchain Enterprise Architecture Blockchain Enterprise Architecture
  • MohamedEL Kandri,, Strategic Initiatives Lead - The BlockchainHub, RBC
  • 04:30 PM
Conclusion & Thank You Note
  • Conclusion & Thank You Note
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Who Should Attend?

Based on the theme “Blockchain Applications, Challenges and Opportunities in Banking, Financial Service and Insurance Sector”, this conference brings together Blockchain technologists in the finance sector, regulators, industry commentators, technology experts and researchers and; those involved in financial innovation. Whether you’re an investor, or an individual associated with a Blockchain powered company or simply a technology enthusiast this event is for you! We have plugged in special effort to curate a meaningful takeaway by creating tangible value prospect for each of our conference participants willing to explore latest in technology and many applications of Blockchain in BFSI.

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