Date and City: 13 th June, 2018

Venue: Metro Aspire Hotel


10 Industry Experts
6 Speaker Presentations
3 Lightning Talks
3 Networking Breaks
1 Panel Discussion
1 Group Discussion


Registration and Seating
Opening and Welcome Note
  •   09:15 AM
Solving real problems in healthcare with blockchain Solving real problems in healthcare with blockchain
  • Dr TalRapke,, CEO, Founder, ScalaMed
  •   09:45 AM
Solving Real Problems in Healthcare with Blockchain Solving Real Problems in Healthcare with Blockchain
  • Dr TalRapke,, CEO, Founder, ScalaMed
Tea / Coffee
  •   10:45 AM
Blockchain for Enterprises Blockchain for Enterprises
  • AamirSohail,, Blockchain coach and marketing expert, Blockchain Smart Solutions
  •   11:30 AM
How Blockchain Will Transform Various Industries We will use examples of various Blockchain companies and how they are specifically transforming their industries.
  • AlyMadhavji,, Managing Partner / Co-Founder, Blockchain Founders Fund / Global DCX
  •   12:15 PM
Use Cases for Smart Contracts in Blockchain Use Cases for Smart Contracts in Blockchain
  • Nicholle LindnerF Fin,, Strategic Advisor, Arkratos Blockchain Solutions Pte Ltd
  •   01:45 PM
Introduce the NEM Blockchain Introduce the NEM Blockchain
  • JasonLee,, Global Director - Partnerships & Strategic Alliances, Foundation
  • JianChan,, Australia Lead, Foundation
  •   02:30 PM
How to take MVP to production on Blockchain How to take MVP to production on Blockchain
  • RahulGolash,, Chief Blockchain Architect, Aeries Blockchain Corporation
Tea/Coffee Break
  •   03:30 PM
Blockchain and Decentralized computing Roman will introduce the cloud and computing market and it's growing importance and numbers and will introduce a brief history of computing and evolution from on-premise infrastructure and centralized cloud to decentralized computing model. Presentation will touch crucial differences between consensus protocols like Proof of Work, proof of stake and other and will compare key players in decentralized computing space like Ethereum, Neo, Cosmos and Unchainet and revolution they bring with the open computing model. Then Roman will introduce Unchainet - Self-governed computing infrastructure market and how almost everyone will be able to launch a "cloud business" in couple of minutes.
  • RomanMandryk,, CEO, UNCHAINET
  •   04:15 PM
Blockchain’s Potential Role in Payment Modernization They’ve been touted as the solution to a fragmented global payment solutions landscape. Can Blockchain tech bring payments into the 21st century, or is it another technology that cannot live up to the hype? Join Aleksandar and explore how Blockchains work and how they could potentially revolutionize and modernize global payments infrastructure.
  • AleksandarSvetski,, CEO, Fabric Corp
Conclusion & Thank You Note
*Program is subject to change

Who Should Attend?

Based on the theme “Blockchain Applications, Challenges and Opportunities in Banking, Financial Service and Insurance Sector”, this conference brings together Blockchain technologists in the finance sector, regulators, industry commentators, technology experts and researchers and; those involved in financial innovation. Whether you’re an investor, or an individual associated with a Blockchain powered company or simply a technology enthusiast this event is for you! We have plugged in special effort to curate a meaningful takeaway by creating tangible value prospect for each of our conference participants willing to explore latest in technology and many applications of Blockchain in BFSI.

Key Highlights

  •  Real Life Experiences
  •  Best Practices and Use Cases
  •  Panel and Group Discussion
  •  Interactive Q&A Sessions
  •  Showcase and Expo Space
  •  Networking Opportunities

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