Date and City: 20 th April, 2018

Venue: Radisson, Hyderabad


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Opening and Welcome Note
  •   09:15 AM
Blockchain in Capital Markets - Trends & Challenges As per PWC, 2017 Global Digital IQ survey, blockchain investment in the financial services/capital market would be highest (around 36% of overall) across different industry in next 3 years. Exploiting blockchain technology to the fullest extent can bring severe disruption in the current business models. Several participants are proactively initiating and experimenting with POC/Pilots. Although, Blockchain technology is still immature, this doesn’t absolve enterprises from the responsibility to identify how it will disrupt their industry in the future.
  • HrishikeshNashikkar,, Blockchain Lead - Blockchain & Fintech, Broadridge
  •   10:00 AM
Forking & Interconnectivity: A Better Future for Blockchain Blockchain has been around for almost a decade now. What will the next decade bring? No one knows for sure, but there is one certainty - many challenges along the way. Chief amongst them is the challenge of scalability: how can blockchain technology be effectively applied in industries as different as insurance and gaming? And how can public blockchain platforms support a comprehensive ecosystem when even the mighty Ethereum network was shut down by CryptoKitties? Achain has the answer to these questions and many more!
  • DaneElliott,, Global Business Director, Achain
  •   11:15 AM
Applying Blockchain to Business Applications I would like to share my experience and expertise in developing Blockchain Business applications apart from cryptocurrencies and also discuss technology changes needed in Blockchain to develop Business applications besides financial applications. Topics to be covered: . Blockchain in Cryptocurrency and Financial transactions . ICO to raise crowdfunding . Private Vs Open Blockchain Networks . Blockchain limitations taking examples of Health Care, Banking, KYC and Real Estate . How to overcome limitations to adopt Blockchain in Businesses.
  • NagiReddy B,, Founder, Cognier Insights Pvt. Ltd.
  •   11:45 AM
The New Decentralised world How our world will reshape and reorganise the hierarchical structures using the Decentralised power of blockchain and its positive impact on the citizens, societies and organisations.
  • RamakrishnaKarolla,, Founder & CEO, Nexivo Consulting.
  •   01:30 PM
Blockchain: Enabling Inter-Party Trust (via demo) Blockchain: Enabling Inter-Party Trust (via demo)
  • ParagJain,, Co-Founder & CEO, ThynkBlynk
  •   02:15 PM
Identity in Blockchain Identity in Blockchain
  • ThirumalBandi,, Sr Principal Architect (CA), CA Technologies
  •   03:30 PM
Challenges in Blockchain Implementation and Use Cases for Smart Contracts Challenges in Blockchain Implementation and Use Cases for Smart Contracts
  • AnishDundoo,, Investor & VC in Blockchain Tech, Crypto Currency
  •   04:30 PM
Beer, Barrels and Blockchain Topics to be covered - commodity trading (old world vs new world) - low hanging business problem for blockchain - what it would take to build such a platform
  • ChiragAhuja,, ETRM Consultant, Wipro
Conclusion & Thank You Note
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Based on the theme “Blockchain Applications, Challenges and Opportunities in Banking, Financial Service and Insurance Sector”, this conference brings together Blockchain technologists in the finance sector, regulators, industry commentators, technology experts and researchers and; those involved in financial innovation. Whether you’re an investor, or an individual associated with a Blockchain powered company or simply a technology enthusiast this event is for you! We have plugged in special effort to curate a meaningful takeaway by creating tangible value prospect for each of our conference participants willing to explore latest in technology and many applications of Blockchain in BFSI.

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