Date and City: 20 th July, 2018

Venue: The Gateway Hotel IT Expressway


10 Industry Experts
6 Speaker Presentations
3 Lightning Talks
3 Networking Breaks
1 Panel Discussion
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Opening Ceremony

  •   09:15 AM
"Blockchain - Building Smart Machines” Implementing a real-time system at factories for parameter and machine monitoring is here. But, effective way of incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence needs BIG data to analyze. We can get large data but effective ways of using it needs implementation of BlockChain. I am speaking about how implementing Blockchain in IoT ease the process and helps us in building smart machines incorporating features like intelligent control, preventive maintenance, production forecast, in-line production monitoring and multi parameter analysis.
  • VishnuPrasad,, Head of Product, Energyly
  •   10:00 AM
Smart Contracts - Security & Governance Smart contracts are potentially going to play a crucial role in the future in which organizations are governed by them. In a world where 'code is law', the importance of security is immense and cannot be overstated. Since smart contracts are 'immutable' in nature, it is important to get it right, secure and governed properly.
  • SatheeshKathamuthu,, Associate Director, The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation
Tea/Coffee Break

  •   11:15 AM
" My experiences in building Blockchain applications with hyperledger” " My experiences in building Blockchain applications with hyperledger”
  • VarunRaj,, CIO & Head of Blockchain Division, Skcript
  •   12:00 PM
Impact of Blockchain in Retail Industry I would like to define some basics of blockchain and get elevated to its relevance in retail industry. Brief explanation of various features on how this can help in trace the product journey, Counterfeit Products, Smart contracts, Fraudulent transactions, B2B and B2C transparency with some use cases for each content. Finally conclude with Benefits & future possibilities of this technology in Retail.
  • ViganeshSuresh,, IoT and Blockchain Consultant, VR SAVY
Lunch Break
  •   01:30 PM
“VirtualChain and BlockStack” We are working towards a Fundamental Change for better Humanity using Decentralized Computing. Blockstack is a new internet for decentralized apps where users own their data. Rather than one social network dominating all of our interactions, imagine having your data stored with you, and not the servers of a centralized intermediary like Facebook. No longer siloed within Facebook’s walls, you would be able to use this digital identity across different applications, having explicit control over what parts of your profile you provide to each app. Instead of renting a profile on Facebook, you own your photos, friendships, and messages as you move from app to app. That’s the promise of the burgeoning decentralized Internet. Our Start-up “Saving Organ Mines” helps fighting organ trade: Stop theft of organ donors' identity, Maintain a tamper proof waiting list for organ receivers and Securing "stem cell information".
  • ShankarGanesh PJ,, Community Member, OpenSource
  • SubhashreeMohanarengan,, Co-Founder, Saving Organ Mines
  •   02:15 PM
“Top blockchain protocols and their utility/differences” “Top blockchain protocols and their utility/differences”
  • SatishSalivati,, Director, InteliTix Solutions Private Limited
Tea/Coffee Break

Round Table Discussion
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Who Should Attend?

Based on the theme “Blockchain Applications, Challenges and Opportunities in Banking, Financial Service and Insurance Sector”, this conference brings together Blockchain technologists in the finance sector, regulators, industry commentators, technology experts and researchers and; those involved in financial innovation. Whether you’re an investor, or an individual associated with a Blockchain powered company or simply a technology enthusiast this event is for you! We have plugged in special effort to curate a meaningful takeaway by creating tangible value prospect for each of our conference participants willing to explore latest in technology and many applications of Blockchain in BFSI.

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