Date and City: 18 th May, 2018

Venue: Rendezvous Hotel Perth Central


10 Industry Experts
6 Speaker Presentations
3 Lightning Talks
3 Networking Breaks
1 Panel Discussion
1 Group Discussion


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Opening and Welcome Note
  •   09:15 AM
“Securing the Future of Education with Blockchain” As all levels and sectors of education contemplate ongoing developments in digital technology, distributed and fragmented models of learning, stackable credentials, and educational unbundling the potential for a system like blockchain to bring security to a diverse landscape of evidence of learning, recognition of learning and acknowledgement of learning becomes more relevant. As MOOCs, SPOCs, online courses, RPL and alternative crednitalling become more ubiquitous the main stakeholders in education, industry and government are realising the need for systems that enable higher levels of trust when certificates, awards and prior learning recognition are at stake. This session will discuss some of the needs and some of the attempts already in place globally.
  • KimFlintoff,, Learning Futures, Curtin University
  •   10:00 AM
Blockchain Modes and Means of Transport. The ILS approach Blockchain is revolutionary, it is improving the way our society works. In the transport industry there are different means and modes of transport. The ILS approach can be used to integrate blockchain applications into existing physical industries. HireGo and McFly are two examples of this.
  • ClaudioRamirez,, Blockchain Strategy Advisor, HireGo
Tea / Coffee Break
  •   11:15 AM
"Involving ICO’s using Blockchain" I would like to show the CryptoCentric how to get involved with Bitcoin with Zero Dollars and how to involve the youth in your life to do the same. Then to explain some white paper ICOs I have read to whom will be utilizing the blockchain
  • KeithInglis,, Wealth Creator Advisor, The Rokinram Group
  •   12:00 PM
“My Experience in Blockchain Implementation” This will include implementation pros and cons with different Blockchain protocols like Ethereum or NEO.
  • JuanOtero,, Blockchain & ICO Advisor, European Institute of Innovation and Technology(EIT)
  •   01:45 PM
Lightning Talk- Fileproof Network and their Fileproof Protocol Lightning Talk- Fileproof Network and their Fileproof Protocol
  • ClaudioRamirez,, Blockchain Strategy Advisor, HireGo
  •   02:15 PM
"A Moving Target – Conducting ICOs in a time of regulatory change" Over the last 18 months, initial coin offerings or ICOs, have grown in popularity amongst Australia's start-up community. Many enterprising businesses have seen ICOs as an alternate method of raising capital, without the need to cede equity. However, with this greater popularity has come greater scrutiny from regulators, in particular, ASIC. With this in mind, our presentation will set out the common legal issues faced by businesses conducting ICOs, the role that legal can play in minimising regulatory risk, and our views on where the regulators are and where they are likely to go next.
  • JodiReinmuth,, Partner, Allens
  • AlexNinkov,, Lawyer, Allens
Tea/Coffee Break
  •   03:30 PM
“Data Ownership & Anonymity on The Blockchain” Data ownership and identity management on the blockchain is still a hot working area, and is a fundamental problem that must be solved before blockchain solutions can become accessible and practical for the layperson to use. We will have a look at the latest developments and big problems still surrounding blockchain based identity management, and provide an up to date picture of the current state of existing data ownership and privacy tools available for use on the blockchain.
  • MichaelBuchanan,, Blockchain and Technology Consultant, DigtalX Ltd
Round Table Discussion
Conclusion & Thank You Note 
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Who Should Attend?

Based on the theme “Blockchain Applications, Challenges and Opportunities in Banking, Financial Service and Insurance Sector”, this conference brings together Blockchain technologists in the finance sector, regulators, industry commentators, technology experts and researchers and; those involved in financial innovation. Whether you’re an investor, or an individual associated with a Blockchain powered company or simply a technology enthusiast this event is for you! We have plugged in special effort to curate a meaningful takeaway by creating tangible value prospect for each of our conference participants willing to explore latest in technology and many applications of Blockchain in BFSI.

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